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After Service

Lifetime Warranty Service (International)

The following terms apply to any customers who purchased at Kronos Watch Group. From the day you place your order, you are one of our customers. Feel free to login to your client center at to contact us at anytime if your watch appear to have any defects or you are experiencing any problem while using your watch. Our 7×24 professional customer service agents will guide you through the process of submitting a service ticket. All you need to do is send your watch to our repair center via mail or express, our agents will solve all your problems. On top of that, you can also reach us using Sky, WhatsApp and Email.

Request a Warranty Service

Contact us at anytime by logging into your client center at Kronos Watch Group to contact our 7×24 customer service if you are experience any issue with your watch. Our agents will guide you to submit a warranty service. Once approved, please send the product to our authorized repair center within 48 hours and also provide us the tracking number. We will start to troubleshooting once we receive your package. Please allow 7-14 days for us to solve your problems.

Scope of Warranty

Any defects from productions process. For example:
Movement not working
The amount of time lost during 12 month is higher than the value that manufacture specified
Sapphire front glass falling from the watch body
Date can not be properly adjusted
We won’t ask you to provide additional information if the problem you are experiencing is within the scope of warranty described above.

Non Warranty

Problem caused by accidental impact, improper use or abuse (shock, squeeze, drop).
Problem caused by exposure to strong magnetic fields or high temperatures.
Problem caused by unauthorized repair, disassembly, modification, etc.
Wear and aging.
Serial number or other identification marks of the watch being deliberately altered or erased.
Suffer loss by theft.
Didn’t contact us for service or maintenance within 60 months from purchase.
Accidental damage or normal wear and tear (scratches, dents, debris, etc)
Problem caused by improper use described above is not covered by our free warranty plan. However, we also provide paid maintenance services for those circumstances. Please refer to our after-sales agents for quote and pricing. Our commitment: The price we quote will be non-profit and customer friendly. We are not offering commercial repair service.

Return and Exchange Policy

After submitting a refund or replacement application, we must mark the package within seven days. Please provide us the tracking code of the package immediately after shipping out the product. Any package without formerly informed tracking code will not be signed or received and will be returned to the sender. In that case, you need to bear the cost during the shipping process. If the customer does not comply with our return policy and returns worn or defected products, we will hand them to our financial agency. Such problems may affect your personal credit report. In addition, we sincerely apologize that we do not take responsibility for any damage caused by the transportation or other uncontrollable factors. When your refund request and returned product are all checked out, your refund will appear on your credit card statement within 21-35 days, or any payment method you chose during the purchase.

100% Refund

When you receive your product, do not remove the plastic protective film immediately. First check if you are satisfied with the product you received in any aspects.
When you submit a refund request, the watch you sent back should be in the same condition as we ship out. The original plastic protective film must be intact. We sincerely apologize that we cannot replaced and refunded your purchase once you remove the plastic protective film. Because the product will be considered as used. When the product passes our final inspection, we will offer a 100% refunded for you. Please ensure that you mail your watch in a traceable manner to ensure delivery.
*You need to bear the expenses incurred in return, replacement, warranty, repair, etc.

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