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Is it safe to order from Kronos Watch Group?

Kronos Watch Group guarantees you that the entire ordering process is even safer than ordering in offline retail stores. We secure all your personal information through VeriSign military-strength encryption algorithm. If any fraud is ever committed on your credit card, we will pay at maximum $50 penalty that your bank can hold you liable for. But we are more than confident that this will never, ever happen. We also accept phone inquiries for ordering.

What level of detail can our products achieve?

From the engraved letters on the dials, to the overall design. We use the same materials from the original products to match up with every single details. We concentrate on every parts, even small details, to show you our excellent craftsmanship. Our selection of materials extends from the Moebius, the best lubricating oil for watches, to the luminous materials provided by Super-LumiNova. Along with the Japanese spring bars which can achieve the accuracy of 0.02mm. And let's don't forget the most important one: Swiss made movements (ETA, Valjoux, etc.) Combining all of the excellent materials, with our great craftsmanship, to present you the watches that are 100% identical to the originals.

Can you swim while wearing our watches?

Yes, you most definitely can. All of our replica watches are fitted with Swiss P.H.E rubber seals and the unique double core silicone “O" rings. Please do not be convinced by the other dealers claiming their watches have sealants with better qualities, because they simply do not exist.

The scratch-resistant Swiss sapphire crystal makes sure the watch will stay intact even during deep dive. The top quality 904L solid stainless steel construction will prevent salt water from intruding into the core of the watch. And the fine Swiss craftsmanship will guarantee your watch will never break down because of water damage.

All Kronos Watch Group Swiss replicas have been tested under 100 meters deep water! The diver models extend that number to 300 meters! Kronos Watch Group selected diver models now all fitted with helium release valve along with the same extra thick sapphire crystal, just like the originals.

How many kinds of replica-fake watches are sold on the Internet today?

There are many different kinds of replica watches produced with different level of quality. But overall they can be categorized in three different kinds:

The first kind of replica watches are generally circulated in small countries in Southeast Asia. The quality of such watches are so poor that people can easily spot them fake. Purchasing these are really not worth the candle and not a wise move.

The second kind of replica watches successfully matched up with the originals on the exterior and movement level, but lack of certain details. Such as the color of the dial, the brightness of the luminous material, the type face of the letters on the dial, the craftsman details of the strap. People can still spot them fake on these tiny details.

The third kind of replica watches are the one that really can be called perfect. These watches replicate every single details from the originals. They even have their movements from Swiss, which is very rare. You couldn't find another store selling such kind of watches on the Internet, except Kronos Watch Group. From the exterior to the internals, we replicated everything from the originals. We care so much that on some parts, our selection of materials are even better than originals. In another word, we made better watches than original factory. We use our highly precision mold to produce the case, fitted with Swiss made movements, Moebius lubricating oil, Super-LumiNova luminous materials, astronomy level precision Japanese spring bars, Italian ink with accurate colors and custom-made, cristal clear sapphire watch faces made by GT Advanced. We combine all of these advance technologies from all over the world, to present you the perfect replica watches. On some levels, our watches are even better than the originals.

Warranty/Repair Issues?

All the watches produced by Kronos Watch Group are come with lifetime warranty. As an industry leading manufacture, we have over 70 years experience on watch making. This service is provided free, only for the customers for Kronos Watch Group.

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